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Enabling courageous entrepreneurs who are building cities that are smarter, more sustainable, and more responsive to citizen needs.

Indus X is a speed scaling program for UrbanTech startups in India. We focus on helping disruptive startups achieve scale by addressing growth gaps and driving rapid market access across the Anthill network.

Indus X is powered by Anthill Ventures, a global investment and scaling platform for early growth stage startups, with offices in India, Singapore, Israel, and USA.

The Indus Valley civilisation was one of the most sophisticated and advanced civilization of its time, employing unparalleled technology in urban centres and putting India firmly in the front and centre of innovation.

As the world reimagines itself and emerges anew, only the application of path-breaking technology will bring about the kind of rapid transformation needed for a future of smarter and more sustainable living.

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A speed scaling ecosystem that combines venture capital with growth support and market access across India, Southeast Asia, and Israel.

A network of industry and government leaders dedicated to mentoring start-ups achieve rapid growth.



Waste & Water Technology

Monitoring, diagnosing, and solving for problems in urban waste and water management.

Energy & Grid

Bringing clean energy to citizens through tools that can manage and maintain urban energy grids.

Smart Infrastructure & Built Environment

Technology that can enable smarter and more sustainable housing and real estate.

Smart & Clean Mobility

Smart and clean transportation of goods, services, and people.

Smart Governance

Smart city applications that enable better communication and collaboration between citizens and local governments

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In light of the continued surges of infection caused by COVID-19 in India and across the world, the first cohort of the Indus X program will be hosted virtually. We are committed to the health and safety of our start-ups, mentors, and their respective families while driving a highly engaging and meaningful experience to ensure start-up success.


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